From Early Intervention to Preschool

Planning to transition out of IFSP into preschool services can begin as early as two years and three months. This transition time allows for assessments and meetings to set your child and the education team up for success at day one. 

Preschool classroom with learning materials on a table and shelves.

How to Prepare for Your Child’s IFSP to IEP Transition

So, your child is transitioning from their Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP)? Congratulations! This can be a significant milestone for children and families. While the planned change may come with some uncertainty, the major life events that accompany and necessitate the change are exciting! Your little one is growing up and moving to the next […]

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children seating with a teacher around a table playing with manipulatives.

Transitioning Out of an IFSP

It is too early to start thinking about preschool? An Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) is a plan for early intervention services that will be in place until your child turns three. The process of transitioning out of early intervention services, however, may start sooner than you think. You can prepare for these changes by […]

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