Blindness and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Navigating Blindness and Autism Spectrum disorder with current information and considerations.

A boy and his shadow on a fence.

Autism Spectrum Disorders in Children Who Are Blind or Low Vision

The term “autism spectrum disorders” refers to a range of neurological disorders that affect a child’s ability to communicate, relate to others, and understand or respond to sensory input. In general, the cause of these disorders is not known. Autism spectrum disorders uniquely affect each child. Children with such a disorder may have a mild […]

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Child using assistive technology to do school work.

Expanded Core Curriculum, ASD and Blindness

Current literature and expertise for supporting children who are blind or have low vision are extensive. Similarly, resources for children with Autism are also widely available and comprehensive. These areas, when looked at individually, offer a wealth of support and information. However, in children with the combined diagnosis of blindness/low vision and Autism, these supports […]

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