Getting Creative at Home with Tactile Art

Art is a universal language of expression and a way to open a world of creativity. Providing creative opportunities for your child to include tactile elements is a way to make creativity accessible. Discover ways to make art experiences tactile and inclusive in your home. Creating art is more than the result, it is the process including different senses and different techniques through the process.

It is never too early to start exploring fun and creative art activities. These activities support sensory development, creative exploration, and incorporate educational concepts. The APH Braille and Tactile Literacy Product Manager will share how to use textured papers, tactile tools, and more.

By including tactile art into your home, you are not just providing an art experience, you are nurturing an environment of growth and exploration. Art is a vibrant part of childhood development, and tactile art brings an additional layer of sensory experience that is invaluable for children who are blind or low vision. By including tactile art, you open a world of creativity and expression for your child. Check out how you can explore tactile art and discover how you can make it part of your child’s activities.

Part 1: Discover APH Products to add to your crafting activities
Part 2: Explore even more APH Products to help with coloring and ways to add textures to your books, crafts, and more.
Part 3: How to use APH Products in different subjects and your Expanded Core Curriculum activities.

Products shared in the videos

Quick-Draw Paper

Tactile Doodle

Picture Maker

Picture Maker Geometric Textured Shape

Picture Maker Geometric Textures Strips

Color-by-Texture Making Mats

Color by Texture Circus Coloring Pages

Tactile Graphic Image Library

Tactile Graphic Line Slate

Graphic Art Tape

Carousel of Textures Kit

Carousel of Textures Kit II


(SM) All-in-One Board