Call Center for Low-Vision Users

Welcome to our virtual call center designed to show how to accommodate individuals who have some degree of useable vision. Although not every low-vision worker will need or want every accommodation pictured, we are trying to show you the range of tools available that might benefit such workers.

Call center cubicle set up for a low vision user.

Technology That Might Be Used in a Call Center for Low-Vision Users

  • Bold-Line Paper and 20-20 Pen
  • Large Display Wall Clock
  • Magnifiers
  • Screen Magnification
  • Telephone
  • Telephone Headset – Using dual-channel headphones, call center employees with vision loss may simultaneously listen to the caller on the telephone and the computer as it speaks what’s on the screen. The dual-channel headset lets them listen to the customer in one ear and their computer in the other. Most of these headsets must be used with an amplifier allowing toggling to choose binaural input or simultaneous listening.
  • Video Magnifier/CCTV