Gil’s Guide to Woodworking

Gil Johnson, a master woodworker who passed away in 2024, was totally blind. He shared tips and techniques for woodworking if you are blind or low vision.  


Using a Hammer

Using a hammer to drive in nails – as well as for many other jobs – is certainly doable with low vision or no vision. Some people imagine bruised or […]

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Person using a permanent marker to mark the measurement of wood

Measuring Tips and Techniques

One of the challenges facing people with reduced vision is taking accurate measurements. For persons with some vision or no vision at all, this can seem like a real barrier. […]

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Repainting an end table

Refinishing Furniture

Safety is the most important consideration when using chemicals and power tools. Even if you’ve had many years of experience with power tools and home repairs, we recommend you use […]

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Applying wood glue

Repairing a Loose Chair Rung

Using glue to repair a loose chair rung is certainly doable by a person who is blind or has low vision. Throughout the repair process, it’s helpful to keep your […]

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Person wearing safety goggles and drilling a hole into a wall

Drilling Holes

Using a drill to place the hole exactly where you want it is a basic – and essential – skill for most woodworking projects. This guide will describe various tools […]

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