Low Vision Considerations

Considering lighting, glare, contrast, and color is important when evaluating your home room by room. This section gives specific suggestions to help you with your decisions.

Window seat allowing ample sunlight to enter the room

Lighting and Glare

It’s surprising to many people that something as basic as adequate lighting can be so effective at helping those with low vision to continue their everyday activities with little or no assistance. Appropriate lighting choices can help one read, write, cook, accomplish housework, and garden using remaining vision. Lighting There are four basic types of […]

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Person walking down dark wooden stairs with high-contrast white stripes

Contrast and Color

About Color Although many people with low vision can also experience decreased color perception, it is still possible to use color to enhance independence, safety, and accessibility. Keep the following color principles in mind as you evaluate your home: Also, keep in mind that distinguishing colors within each of the following groups may be more […]

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