Additional Rooms

Learn how a person with low vision can use color and contrast effectively to set up the rooms in their home.

Bedroom with dark walls and floors and bright white furniture

Your Bedroom and Closets

Ten Tips for Making Your Bedroom Safe, Functional, and Comfortable Note: Large-button telephones, large-print wall clocks, talking clocks, and low-vision alarm clocks are available for persons with low vision. Many […]

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Home office with task lighting and light colored walls, medium colored desk, and a black chair and computer

Your Home Office

Ten Tips for Setting Up a Home Office Ultimately, the success of any home office setup has to do with knowing your needs and abilities, so feel free to experiment […]

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Laundry room with adequate lighting, a non-slip mat, and machines with high color contrast from the walls and floor

Your Laundry Room

Ten Tips to Help with Doing Laundry  More Information: Tips to Help with Laundry and Laundromats can help with more about laundry tasks.

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Kitchen with light colored cabinets, dark colored counter tops, and appliances with high color contrast

Your Kitchen

Low Contrast Kitchen The low-contrast kitchen shows a light-colored cabinet and cabinet top. White plates are set on a light-colored shelf. The microwave is light-colored and has no distinguishing tactile […]

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