Traveling when blind or low vision can have its share of adventures. Check out the articles in this section to learn about using ride-share and public transportation, including trains, busses, and air travel.

Adult and child traveling by bus

Traveling on Trains and Buses

Traveling in Your State Traveling long distances within your state can seem difficult, if not impossible, to someone who is blind or low vision. Knowing your travel options better and being aware of the correct numbers to call and links to click to get your questions answered can be very helpful in getting you where […]

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Older person riding a paratransit bus

Accessible Public Transportation

Your Right to Accessible Public Transportation The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) gives people with disabilities many essential rights in transportation. If you have a disability, you are entitled to the same right to use and enjoy public transportation as people without disabilities. Here are some examples of things that your local transit authority must […]

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Airplane in flight

Air Travel

There are several laws you need to know when traveling by plane as an individual who is blind or low vision. As passengers pass through an airport, they are uniquely governed. The building of an airport is under the Americans with Disabilities Act laws. Security is under the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) or Homeland Security […]

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Older person stepping out of a vehicle

Ten Safety Tips for Older People Using Rideshare

Whether you request a ride from Uber, Lyft, or a ridesharing service specific to your community, or a family member hails a ride from their smartphone, there are steps you can take to be and feel safer getting into a car with a total stranger. How Can You Know Who Is Picking You Up? Be […]

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Person sitting in the backseat of a car

Finding and Hiring a Driver

By Stephanie Stephens Van, M.A., CLVT The Driver Problem: A Daily Frustration My husband and I are legally blind and are raising two boys. We have no car. We have chosen to live in an urban area for the benefit of transportation, but we have also faced the challenges of living in suburbs and small […]

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Close-up of a person buckling a seatbelt

Finding Rides

The Transportation Problem Finding reliable and affordable transportation is one of the most difficult challenges for people who are blind or low vision. Whether you have had to give up your driver’s license or never had the chance to drive, it is an adjustment fraught with emotion and a sense of loss of independence. In […]

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