Reasons to Keep Working

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Employers now want and need more mature workers. They realize that you are in full bloom and the human capital they have, especially those who have cultivated a lifetime of experience, are an employer’s most valuable asset—that’s YOU!

So if you are an older worker experiencing vision loss, like any other worker over 50, be encouraged. You have choices! You can continue working in your current occupation, do different kinds of work altogether, or modify your work. This section of VisionAware will help you understand and explore your options. We hope you enjoy the things you learn.

Some Reasons You May Want to Work Include:

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  • Additional income
  • The chance to be around other people
  • The opportunity to continue to learn new skills
  • Health insurance and/or other benefits
  • Feeling part of something again
  • Wanting to be productive

What Do You Have to Offer an Employer?

  • A proven work history and a strong work ethic
  • Life-long work-related skills
  • Job-related education and training
  • The capacity to learn
  • No earnings limitations after age 65
  • Typically no dependent children at home who require care
  • Interest and attention to safety issues (less likely to take chances which may result in injuries)

For more information about vocational rehabilitation services in your state, contact APH’s information line at 800-232-5463 or email [email protected]. Or check our online directory.

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