Adjusting to Blindness /Low Vision

Learn about services for maintaining your independence, using your remaining senses, tips for combined hearing and vision changes, and helping others understand your vision changes.

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Learn to Use Your Remaining Senses

Losing Your Vision Doesn’t Have to Mean Losing Your Confidence Throughout your life, your vision has likely been your primary sense. Some researchers estimate that the sense of sight provides […]

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Help Others Understand Your Vision Problems

My family wants to help me, but they’re doing too much! When deciding what kinds of help and support you need, it’s helpful to begin by listing the day-to-day difficulties […]

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Living with Combined Hearing and Vision Loss

Provided by the Helen Keller National Center Hearing loss can increase with age, which can be especially difficult for those experiencing combined hearing and vision loss. Fortunately, you can take […]

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Roadmap to Living with Vision Loss: What Kinds of Services Will You Need to Maintain Independence?

If you have experienced losing sight due to macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, or another eye condition, many services and devices can help you continue to live independently in your home […]

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Self Advocacy

Learn about your rights and methods for communicating your needs to others.

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Support Groups

Learn tips and strategies for starting a support group and discover their role in your adjustment process.

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Information for Veterans who are Blind or Low Vision

The Veterans Services Administration and Blinded Veterans Association provide veterans with information, resources, and support. Learn more about these two organizations and find information on the potential impact of brain […]

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