Eye Health

Eye Health and Changes in Your Vision

side-view diagram of the eye
Diagram of the eye, viewed from the side

Some vision changes are normal as we grow older. This section of our website discusses these vision changes, explains the parts of the eye and how the eye works, alerts you to symptoms of possible vision problems, and provides you with a list of questions to ask your eye doctor, including:

  • What is the cause of my vision loss?
  • Do I qualify as legally blind? If so, what does legally blind actually mean?
  • How can I find out about reading?

You can also learn about the different kinds of eye care professionals and the components of regular eye exams and low-vision eye exams.

How can you find out where to get a low vision exam and services?

We also offer a directory that includes private/individual low vision and vision rehabilitation service providers and clinics across the United States and Canada.

If you have experienced recent vision loss, we hope that VisionAware will give you a greater understanding of your vision impairment and the range of vision rehabilitation services that are available to you.

Young woman wraps her arms around the shoulders of an older woman

Women and Eye Health

There are many eye diseases that cause reversible and irreversible vision loss. Of these, the top four include age-related macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, and diabetic retinopathy. According to Prevent Blindness […]

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Vision Simulation Video

See for yourself what the most common age-related eye conditions look like. Transcript of Video NARRATOR 1: People with visual impairments using assistive devices. NARRATOR 2: For people with normal […]

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Person getting an eye exam

Preparing for the Visit to Your Eye Care Specialist

Visiting An Eye Care Specialist: the Basics Visiting an eye care specialist can be stressful. We all have concerns about going to the eye doctor – and even more so […]

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Model of an eye

Eye Health: Anatomy of the Eye

About the Eye and How It Works To understand this diagram of the eye, try to picture it as being split in two, like an apple that’s been cut in […]

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out of focus eye test and a hand holding glasses correcting the vision horizontal

Signs and Symptoms of Vision Problems

Preventive Eye Care and Eye Examinations Are Important Just as with annual physical examinations, it’s equally important to have regular eye examinations. An annual eye examination is appropriate for most […]

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Person holding a phone at arm's length in order to read text

Normal Vision Changes

Just as the body changes with age, our eyes change, too. Our eyes function differently in our 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s than they did in our 30s. Such vision […]

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Looking at an eye chart through eyeglasses

The Difference Between a Vision Screening and a Comprehensive Eye Examination

What Is a Vision Screening? A vision screening is a relatively short examination that can indicate a vision problem or a potential vision problem. A vision screening cannot diagnose exactly […]

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eyecare professional giving an eye exam

The Different Types of Eye Care Professionals

Ophthalmology and Ophthalmologists What is ophthalmology? Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine specializing in eye anatomy, function, and diseases. What is an ophthalmologist? What does an ophthalmologist do? How is […]

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What Is Low Vision?

What “Low Vision” Means As we age, our eyes change too. Many of these vision changes can be corrected by glasses or contact lenses. However, if your eye doctor tells […]

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a young ophthalmologist using a non-mydriatic retinal camera on a young girl

Questions to Ask Your Eye Care Specialist

First, Make Sure You Have Prepared for Your Eye Exam The VisionAware Peer Advisors have compiled a list of practical suggestions, based on their own experiences, to help you prepare […]

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