Lesson 7: Analyses of Social Situations

Individuals gathered at a busy shopping mall

Lesson 7: Analyses of Social Situations

Name(s) of student(s):

Age and grade level:

Goal from IEP connected to lesson:

Objective from IEP connected to lesson:

Purpose of lesson: To consider descriptions of various meaningful social situations. An analysis of the circumstances, including social nuances and others’ responses, will occur.

Materials needed:  Various social situations to observe


“Today, we have a covert operation. We will visit several locations, staying stealthy as we observe the interactions of others. We will discuss what we notice and analyze the situations.”

Exercise: Mealtime Observation

Observe mealtime at a meaningful (frequently visited by students) location. If the client is a student, quietly observe the school’s cafeteria.

  • Describe the proximity of individuals.
  • Describe displays of affection and disapproval.
  • Describe nonverbal communication.
  • Describe poor manners and any look of disapproval.
  • Describe clothing and other appearance choices.
  • Note social interactions that would benefit the specific student.

Record significant interactions and analyze the findings upon return to the classroom.

Exercise: Classroom Observation

Repeat observations within a classroom (if the client is a student) and analyze the social situations.

Exercise: Recreation Observation

Repeat observations and analyses in a recreational setting such as a study hall, physical education class, or immediately after school.

Exercise: Workplace Observation

Repeat observations and analyses in the client’s career field of interest.


“Today, we analyzed social situations to understand the social climate and social happenings in various settings.”

Progress notes, data collection, comments, and modifications: