Lesson 7: Personal Data Sheet

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Purpose of lesson: Develop a personal data sheet to utilize when completing job applications.

Materials needed: Several standard job applications, word processing document, laminator


”Last session, we talked about preparing for a summer work experience. Today we will gather your personal information to prepare a personal data sheet, simplifying the process of filling out multiple job applications.”

Discussion: Casting a Wide Net

Facilitate the lesson with a motivating discussion such as, “Tell me more about a job you hope to have this summer. What tasks do you hope to perform? What type of people do you hope to work alongside? What do you hope to learn?”

Discuss why it’s important to apply for many jobs, even those that might not be ideal or the perfect fit. Talk about how when you are starting in the working world, any work experience is valuable and important for resume building and making important connections to people who can help you move on or up. Explain how gaining positive work experience—regardless of field—often leads to more desirable occupations. Discuss how there are many applicants for most job openings, so it’s never guaranteed that a student will be hired for their ideal job. It’s best to cast a wide net and hope you’ll be able to choose from more than one job offer.

Discussion: The Application Process

Explain the standard job application process for a minimum wage position: Fill out the application, return the completed application to the place of business, wait for a call or contact, interview, job training, and employment.

Have students read several typical job applications. What are the similarities and differences between the applications? Discuss how a large quantity of information is asked on nearly every job application. Explain that the Personal Data Sheet is a way to keep this information organized and ready whenever it’s time to fill out an application.

Exercise: Personal Data Sheet

Using an application as a guide, gather the student’s personal information. Have the student utilize a Personal Data Sheet generator or basic word processor. Have the students input their information, save the Personal Data Sheet, and explain that the information can be updated and changed at any time. The student can also print and laminate the personal data sheet and store their sheets in a discreet location. The student now has the freedom to bring the laminated personal data sheet to worksites and to fill out applications with the assistance of a sighted individual. Consider embossing the personal data sheet or saving it to a Braille Note for a braille reader so students can access the information at a worksite when applying for a position.

Discussion: Benefits of a Personal Data Sheet

Ask students why the personal data sheet is beneficial. (Students will have access to information at home or at the worksite, filling out applications will be faster and easier, information is visually accessible to the sighted individual who is transferring information to the application which decreases misspellings or other errors, etc.)


“Today, we generated a personal data sheet so you have all the information you need to complete basic job applications. Next time we will talk about proper etiquette for work experiences.”

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Next steps/lesson: Proper etiquette for work experiences.