Finding Accessible Materials: The Louis Database

The Louis database, known for its comprehensive collection of accessible educational material, is designed to support students who are blind or have low vision in finding accessible books. However, many families are unaware of this resource, and we are here to help navigate this extensive website with you. We are providing you with step-by-step guides to show you how to effectively search for materials based upon your child’s needs.

We dive into searching by ISBN numbers, advanced searches, understanding if the book is in progress or published, finding other resources such as Bookshare, where to find additional support and more. The Louis database is available for you to support your child’s needs while working with your child’s team.

Video 1: Diving into the Louis Database and Simple Searches
Video 2: Using Advanced Searches to Find Accessible Textbooks
Video 3: Looking for Recreational Reading in Louis
Video 4: What Other Resources are Available for Locating Accessible Textbooks