Our Stories: People Who Are Blind or Low Vision Succeeding at Work and Life

Employee who is blind handing over a cookie to a customer. Both people are smiling.

If you are career-curious and interested in discovering how someone landed their first job or how blind and low-vision people succeed and thrive at work, this is your page! Check out our Success Stories Video Blog Series. Listen to our one-on-one interviews with employees, employers, and business owners big and small. Read about how others have succeeded through hard work and perseverance. Hear first-hand experiences of traveling for work and leisure, working a guide dog on the job, connecting with mentors and role models, and more. When you want to learn how people like you have found success in their chosen vocation, the CareerConnect series, Success Stories, has a video or blog for you. 

Success Stories

In APH ConnectCenter’s latest success story video series, we visit with Russell Shaffer, Senior Director – Global Culture, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion at Walmart. Listen as Joe Strechay and Russell engage in a frank and candid discussion on the importance of work, finding opportunities that match one’s career interests, and learning how to thrive in the modern and competitive corporate workplace. This three-part series will engage job seekers of all ages as we listen and learn how Russell managed college, dealt with vision loss, and raised a family all while motivated and empowered to work.

Current Success Stories

Meet Russell Shaffer

In Part 1, we get introduced to Russell Shaffer. He opens up about his journey, covering his educational background, career path, and early life up to his college years. A significant focus is on the strength he drew from his family’s support. In this initial segment of a three-part series, Russell draws parallels between job hunting in the COVID era and his own experiences during the economic downturn post-9/11.

In Part 2 Russell discusses mentoring and how “disclosure” of disability at work and in life. He knows is importance and power to know and own the conversation.

In Part 3 We wrap up our interview with Russell sharing his philosophy about picking opportunities. He shares the importance of perseverance and choosing your path on your terms.  He shares lessons from sports, personal fitness, moving out for the first time, and negotiating with family.  Finally, Russell offers pieces of advice to students and viewers.