Multiple Disabilities

We will share how to support your child who has blindness and additional disabilities with current articles and tips. 

A young girl putting a bead onto a peg.

Does My Child Have Additional Disabilities?

Many disabilities can occur with an eye condition, even though they may not have been the cause of the eye condition. The combination of disabilities involved can have a significant […]

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A child in supported seat looking towards alight up toy.

Cognitive Disabilities and Your Child with Blindness or Low Vision

Children who have multiple disabilities that involve cognition or thinking have difficulty understanding information and processing it. A common cause of cognitive disabilities is an intellectual disability. A child may […]

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Photo of object attached to communication cards. Cards for Diaper, beads, bottle, toothbrush, cup, spoon and a piece of blanket flannel.

Communication for Young Children with Blindness or Low Vision and Multiple Disabilities

What was your child’s first word?  This question seems innocent enough, but it caused a great deal of heartache for me every time someone asked it. With respect to my […]

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young girl playing in a ball pit reaching to an adult

Embracing the Sensorimotor Stage

When a child has complex needs involving vision, hearing, motor, and cognitive impairments, it’s tempting to rush to introduce using a switch or a communication device, but slowing down and […]

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boy in a wheelchair holding a basketball looking down with the teacher holding his hands out.

The Value of Exploration

Exploring an object by shaking, banging, throwing, touching, or mouthing is one of the first steps in learning the properties of an object and its use. For a child who […]

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