Home Life

Discover tips and ideas to help with skills and routines at home. You are your child’s first teacher, and you know what motivates them, encourages them and how to best support them. Understanding that some skills are first taught in the home we are here to support you with tips and considerations for these skills. 

A teen boy in a wheelchair holding and exploring a basketball inside a gym.

Helping a Child with Multiple Disabilities Develop Their Senses

Our senses are our gateway to the world. They are how we obtain information, gain understanding, and interact with the objects and people around us. Suppose your child has blindness […]

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girl in wheelchair playing with developing toy in kindergarten for children with special needs

Supporting Learning and Development in Children Who Are Blind or Low Vision with Additional Disabilities

Although children with blindness or low vision vary widely in their capabilities and needs, in general, vision loss interferes with a child’s ability to obtain information from the surrounding world. […]

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A child with multiple disabilities in a wheelchair eating breakfast independently.

Supporting the Development of Eating Skills for Children with Multiple Disabilities

Learning to eat and drink can be a challenge for many children who have complex needs including blindness or low vision. The way your child responds to food can be […]

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A child sitting on a toilet reaching for toilet paper.

Toilet Training When Your Child Has Multiple Disabilities

Toileting, or elimination, is something everyone does throughout the day, so helping your child achieve more independence in this area is likely to be a high priority for you and […]

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City bus interior

Transportation Options for Nondrivers with Multiple Disabilities

If your child is a nondriver, they might choose to use a variety of transportation options throughout adolescence and adulthood. There are options they will use with support and those […]

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Teenager using calendar app on mobile phone.

Using a Schedule with Your Child Who Is Blind or Low Vision and Has Multiple Disabilities

All of us are busy. You may use a wall calendar, day planner, daily list, or personal digital assistant (PDA) to keep track of your appointments throughout the day, week, […]

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