Future Considerations

Preparing for the next transition may be on your mind and have many questions. Preparing now for after high school may seem very far off. Read about steps to consider to ensure your child’s future and transition to adulthood is supported.   

boy in a wheelchair and his mother enjoying a day together outdoors in a park

The Future Starts Now: Discovering the Possibilities for Your Child with Multiple Disabilities

The Transition to Adulthood Parents, in general, have mixed feelings when they think about their children growing up and becoming adults. Still, when their children have complex needs, those feelings […]

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Back view of caucasian father and teenage son with cerebral palsy walking on pavement in sunny park.

Planning for the Financial Future of a Child with Multiple Disabilities: Steps 1 Through 12

by Steve Morris Step 1: Decide What the Future Looks Like for Your Child First, decide on future plans for your special needs child after your death or if you […]

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