When your child has combined hearing loss and visual impairment, navigating school, supports and raising your child it is important to learn what is available to you. Our resources are to help you feel support, find additional resources and information available to you. 

Child washing dishes

Cultivating Independence as a Journey, Not a Destination

1: The I-word and I  Confession time. I’ve always felt a little uneasy about “the I-word,” “independence,” especially the idea of “making” someone more independent. It’s a word that too […]

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A boy sitting on a sensory mat playing with various balls.

Deafblindness: An Overview and Resources

Understanding Deafblindness Deafblindness is often misunderstood. Rather than a specific diagnosis from a medical team, deafblindness is a level of combined hearing and vision impairment that impacts a person’s ability […]

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Frog on lily pad.

“What Did You Say About Frogs”?: Deafblindness, An Incomplete Introduction

Editor’s note: Is your child or young adult an individual with deafblindness? Do you wonder what it’s like to be DeafBlind? In recognition of DeafBlind Awareness Month, George Stern shares […]

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Gwyn holds a colorful round object with her many characters including a large bee, bull, farmer and woman.

Making Stories Sparkle! An Invitation to an Interactive Story Time

Hello, I’m Gwynnie-Gwyn-Gwyn, the storyteller and creator of the Story Time Show, a show that is inclusive of the whole family or class. It’s a show that has children with […]

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