Your child may be ready for more advanced self-care skills and tasks. Encouraging your child to work on skills such as feeding, cooking, dressing, and taking care of their bodies will empower them to be independent. 

Family consisting of father, mother and daughter setting the table to eat in the kitchen.

Routines for Children with Blindness or Low Vision

Routines are an important part of any child’s life because they help children develop a sense of stability and order as well as give children the information and experiences necessary […]

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Back view of a girl with pig tails washing her hands and face in a bathroom. 

Helping Your Preschooler Use the Bathroom Independently

You might have begun toilet training when your child was very young. Or maybe you’re starting now. If you’re just beginning, check out the potty training tips in the “Infants […]

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A bathroom counter with a basket of toiletry items.

Teeth Brushing, Bathing, and Other Self-Care Skills

Although some preschoolers insist on trying to do everything for themselves, others are happy to let you do things for them. If your child is content to let you comb […]

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