Children are sponges that continue to learn and develop quickly! Now is the time to begin exposing your child to many different learning opportunities and experiences. 

A teacher with her hand on the braille book with the students hand on top of her hand.

Hand-Under-Hand Instruction for Children With Blindness or Low Vision

Children who are blind or have low vision use touch, hearing, and smell to learn. These senses help them understand things that others see. When you show your child something […]

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A preschooler wearing glasses and patch, sitting at a table cutting paper.

Big Skills for Little Muscles

Fine motor skills are essential for preschool-age children to achieve a variety of developmental milestones. Fine motor skills are needed for holding pencils, using scissors, tying shoes, zipping up jackets […]

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Child trying to close a zipper.

Zipping, Snapping, and Fastening—Lots to Learn About Dressing

By the time children are three, they can usually put on pants with elastic waists and pull on a shirt or sweater. But doing zippers, snaps, buttons, and ties might […]

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A preschooler smiling wearing a bow in her hair and a dress.

Assertive Language for Preschoolers with Blindness or Low Vision

Over and over, well-intentioned folks will assume your child needs help and will provide assistance without asking. Your child will need to know how to say, “No, thank you,” firmly […]

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A group of preschoolers standing against an ice cream truck enjoying ice cream.

Promoting Friendship Among Preschoolers Who Are Blind or Low Vision

The preschool years are all about learning to be a friend. In fact, much of the preschool curriculum is devoted to supporting the development of skills for interacting with peers. […]

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A cutting board with three different size beginning knife set.

Increasing Your Blind or Low-Vision Preschooler’s Independence in the Kitchen and at Meals

Now that your child may begin eating snacks with other children in preschool or going out to eat with you in restaurants, they need to know how to feed themselves […]

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Post it notes in various colors with months of the year on it.

Using Calendars with a Preschooler who is Blind or Low Vision

One day, your child will need to keep track of important things. Dates, tasks, deadlines, and goals all go in a calendar or planner. This helps them stay organized and […]

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Child making homemade cookies.

Where Do Cookies Come From? Making Cookies with Children Who Are Blind or Low Vision

By Anne McComiskey The holidays are here, and traditions abound. One of the smelliest, tastiest, and prettiest traditions is making holiday cookies. Everyone loves the idea of cookies, and families […]

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