Middle/High School

Your child is growing up and becoming more independent. Whether your teenager has recently been diagnosed with blindness or low vision or has been since birth, we’ll help you confront the challenges of parenting your teen through their transition into adulthood.

A teenage boy with albinism playing a piano.

Hobbies and Activities

As your child continues exploring new social settings and experiences, they should try new or different hobbies and interests. Hobbies play a vital role in the development of a young […]

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Two teens facing each other talking.


It can be challenging to parent as your child transitions into their adult years. It takes patience and understanding to support your child’s new challenges as they are learning who […]

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A teenage girl stirring sauce in a pan on the stove.


Prepare your young adult for life after high school by teaching life lessons such as cooking, financial savviness, clothing care, organization, and time management. 

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