You may be considering how your child can participate in managing care for themselves and the family home. When your child has specific chores and tasks, it helps them view themself as a positive contributor to the family and home. 

A girl putting laundry detergent into the washing machine. 

Self-Care Skills for Blind or Low-Vision Children

When your child has completed high school and plans to attend college, technical school, or job training, what will they need to accomplish independently at home to take care of […]

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A boy washing his face in the bathroom. 

Teaching Your Child Self-Care Skills

By the time your child starts grade school, they have probably learned the basics of how to dress, wash their hands, brush their teeth, and use the toilet independently. But […]

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[1:59 PM] Melisa Matthews Son is helping mother in the Kitchen, washing dishes.

Chores for Your Child with Blindness or Low Vision: Yes or No?

Sooner or later, most parents consider questions like these. No matter how you think about it, if you want an 8-year-old to clean their room, take out the trash every […]

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A young girl's closet neatly organized with bins and boxes.

Clothing Choices and Care for Grade School Children Who are Blind or Low Vision

A topic often overlooked in grade-school years regarding successful transition is the increased independence of your child in managing their wardrobe. Using APH ConnectCenter’s appropriate attire lesson plan as a […]

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A student sitting at a desk writing on paper.

Helping Your Child with Blindness or Low Vision Craft a Functional Disability Statement

The ability to describe one’s vision is a valuable skill. Certainly, your grade schooler’s educational team and peers are curious as to what your child can see and how they […]

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