Lesson 19: Job Reflections

Activity: On the Job Reflections

Key Considerations

While you work it will be important for you to take time to reflect on your job performance. Self-reflection will help you identify your strengths as well as to pinpoint some areas you need to improve in. Writing down your thoughts about your performance will make it easier for you to identify what you need to work on. It is essential for your growth as an employee to ask others who have the opportunity to observe you working for advice about your performance. Your honest reflections as well as your ability to accept and use feedback from others will guide you towards becoming a successful employee at any job.


Honestly and objectively answer the following questions about your performance at work. The activity can be emailed to others to obtain their feedback on your performance.

Did you make a positive impression at work today or this week by doing the following?

Did your work attire send a message that you are reliable, efficient, and organized?    
Did you leave your personal life at the door?    
Did you start and end your day with a positive and appropriate greeting?    
Did you refrain from using your cell phone other than during approved times?    
Did you ask for help when you needed it?    
Did you say thank you?    
Were you productive?    
Did you complete more work than you were asked?    
Did you pay attention to the details of your work tasks?    
Were you open-minded and accepting of constructive criticism?    
If you made a mistake, did you own up to it?    
Were you adaptable?    
If someone watched you work all day, would they notice any bad habits?    
Did you socialize with your co-workers without getting involved with office politics or gossip?    

Additional Reflections

  • What challenges are you having and how do you plan to resolve them?
  • What one skill would dramatically increase your job performance?
  • Did something distract you at work this week? If so, how could you prevent it from happening again?