Seeking Interested Candidates for Our New CareerConnect Advisory Committee

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We’re looking for several professionals to serve on our CareerConnect Advisory Committee. 

We invite Rehabilitation Counselors, Teachers of the Visually Impaired, Transition Specialists, and Employment Coordinators to apply to serve on our CareerConnect Advisory Committee. The goals of our CareerConnect Advisory Committee include:

  • Collaborating on providing timely and relevant articles, blogs, and resources for CareerConnect.
  • Partnering and advisement on content delivery, including career exploration, Pre-employment Transition services, STEM, vocational training, and university preparation for CareerConnect webinars and related media.
  • Assisting in developing and recruiting underserved populations and bringing these diverse voices to the APH ConnectCenter platform to learn and share from all perspectives on employment challenges and successes.
  • Identification of additional job-seeking tools and resources that will enrich the CareerConnect experience for the end user.
  • Supporting our National Transition Conversation, our new quarterly platform for those working in Transition and Pre Employment Career programming for blind and low-vision teens and young adults.

The CareerConnect Advisory Committee will meet quarterly for up to 90 minutes per meeting.

For more information, email Richard Rueda.